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The Think Box


Leslie's Favorite Books

Item Title Author ISBN: Details
1 The Mismeasure of Man Stephen Jay Gould 9 780393 314250 An exceptional look at the 'Bell Curve' and its inherent flaws.
2 Phantoms in the Brain V.S. Ramachandran, M.D, Ph.D.,
Sandra Blakeslee
9 780688 172176 A fascinating look at brain anomalies
3 A Brief Tour of Human Consciousness V.S. Ramachandran, M.D, Ph.D. 9 780688 172176 A fascinating look at brain anomalies
4 The brain and the Inner World Mark Solms, Oliver Turnbull 2 901590 510178 An excellent introduction to Neuroscience
5 Blink Malcolm Gladwell 9 780316 010665 A look into the secret world of the Brain. This book will make you think
outside the box.
6 The Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell 9 780316 346627 How an idea grows into a multi-million dollar industry, from pet rocks,
to ugly shoes.
You will never think the same way about the marketing of products, after reading this book.
7 Dangerous Minds LouAnne Johnson 0 44903 00650 9 A MUST read for anyone in education; How one teacher taught Hope, courage, and
conviction to a group of disadvantaged High School Sophomores.
8 Long Time Passing Myra McPherson 0-451-13607-1 A solid look, and comparison of the emotional, and mental health of people that
returned from the Vietnam war.
9 The Moral Animal Robert Wright 9 780679 763994 A strong look at who, and what we are, and how we mentally evolved.
10 Thinking in Pictures Temple Grandin 9 780679 772897 Life as experienced by an Autistic woman, and how she has adapted to survive
in a world of 'Normals'.
11 The Eagles Shadow Mark Hertsgaard 9 780312 422509 A no-holds-barred look at how the 'World' sees the United States.
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